DivX DVD wont Play in PC

Hi, my friend gave me a Divx DVD which comes free with LG DVD players which supports divx. It has 6 High quality DIVX movies. When i tried to play it on PC the playback is not well it is kind of freezy with lots of pixels its like playing a heavily scratched dvd. Although the Disc Cover says that pc playback not supported is there any way to recode, modify the file so that it plays smoothly on PC.

I checked the file in Gspot its Divx, MP3 joint stereo encoded file.

How to cut a small part say 30 seconds from it to submit for analysis?

If you have GSpot it will tell you if codec is available on your computer to play the movie.
What software player are you using?
How does the same DVD play on his machine?
If it play, freeze and jump, it its most likely your video card has not enough processing power ( low memory on card).

No CODEC is no Problem. I tried to play with Divx Player, Gomplayer. Both were not able to play the file smothly.

I think i have enough processing power- Intel Pentium D 805 2.66 Ghz, 1.5 GB DDR2 RAM, ATI Radeon x200 IGP.

I think its specially encoded for DIVX DVD Players.

Can i upload the video for your analysis? If so how do i cut it ?

You will probably have to re-encode it using something like the program ‘Super’.

As imkidd57 stated,:iagree: try with Super or better yet IMO, AutoGK…
If you want to save a short clip,use VirtualDub,which btw can also re-encode your DivX avi…

Thanks for the reply. Yeah i think i need to encode it… but i dont know the approprioate settings.

here is a short clip from the video-


Pls suggest the settings…first you try.