DIVX->DVD To interlace or not!



I’m using Tmpgenc to re-encode my divx files into mpeg2 format, how can I tell if a divx file is in interlaced or no-interlaced format.

I tried using GSpot on the avi and couldn’t see anything or am I just being thick? I mean, are divx files interlaced ever?! Getting very lost, help!

Thanks, Paul.


Gspot is not designed to tell whether a source file is interlaced or not. The best way to find out if a file is interlaced is to view it yourself. Some sources (like TV captures and DVs) are heavily interlaced and you need to deinterlace it. If you think the movie is OK (even with a little interlaced), then don’t bother deinterlace it because the process consumes a lot of time.


If there are no noticeable artifacts, but you want to be sure, use FFDShow with Deinterlacing enabled, and “framerate doubling” checked. Then Check the framerate when viewing. If it is interlaced (well, if it has interlacing flags), then the framerate will be twice what it should be.


Personally, I have never seen an interlaced DivX or Xvid avi so I doubt there are many out there.

Have a read of http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59489 as it might give you some clues on divx to svcd conversions.