DivX DVD Players?



Ok, so I’ve never really looked into DivX DVD players before, and my old DVD player recently died. I’m just trying to get the right understanding of what they do. Does this mean that I can take .AVI, .XVID and .DivX files and burn them onto a DVD via DATA mode and they will open up and play on the DVD player? I can’t seem to find a straight answer anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Also anyone who can reccommend the best DivX compatible player out there would also help :slight_smile:


Get a Pioneer DV410 and you will be happy. It even plays video/audio files from a flash drive or HD (the HD needs to have external power and formatted with FAT32) through its USB port. I have two of them and they work great.


:slight_smile: Hi,

In reply to your query about Divx players, I went to my local ALDIE
store and bought one of their DVD players costing £20, I then found
by luck that I can download a movie in Divx, Avi and one or two other
formats, and keeping them in the origonal 700mb download, transfer
them six movies to a normal blank dvd disk in DATA format using Nero
and the player plays them in perfect quality in their unopened format.
I have since found out that the newer Tevion dvd players dont have
the Divx play on them anymore, but you can still put unopened AVI
downloads straight to disk in Data format using Nero or whatever.
I can get six or seven movies on a disk this way.
I can convert them into PAL format at any time if need be later, using
the free VSOtoDVD convertor or Nero, but I prefer keeping them as
they are. So I would reccomend ALDIE’S TEVION DVD players as the
cheapest and up to now the best.

I Hope this is of help to you, STUMPED. :clap:


“Also anyone who can reccommend the best DivX compatible player out there would also help”

in my opinion in pure playback and features it’s hard to beat a XBox1 console running XBMC (XBox Media Center)

as it play’s back pretty much any video format a PC can play (besides HD cause of CPU limitations) and you can even stream video (video file on PC itself) from your PC to the XBox to play it back on your TV

and i hear you can get used one for like 40-50 dollars at places like gamestop etc etc.

plus you can adjust where the image is displayed on your tv with XBMC… i.e. eliminate the overscan which basically cuts off some of your image on your typical dvd player etc.

p.s. by default the XBox1 cant play XviD/DivX … so when you get it you will have to open up the xbox1 console and connect it to your PC’s IDE port etc etc in order to modify it to get it to do the good stuff :wink: … it’s 100percent free though if you got a PC with a cd/dvd burner.

… that’s what mine pretty much looks like (i.e. the old XBox360 dashboard) except i got some fancy looking stars on mine in background but mine pretty much looks like that… by default XBMC dont look like that but you can get the ‘MC360’ skin to make it look like that.