Divx->DVD Inserting Chapter points

Hi all,

I use tmpgenc+besweet to convert my divx’s ready to be muxed+authored through ifoedit.

My question is, is there a quick way of inserting say 20 chapter points into the authoring process? It appears I could supply a text file into ifoedit’s authoring process with the frames at which the chapters appear. Just wanted to know if there was a program (cant find one!) that you point at the pre-muxed video file and told it how many chapters you want and it spits out a text file that you can add to idoedit?

Maybe I should pull my finger out and write it myself but I’m getting lazy in my old age. Anyway, no point in re-inventing the wheel!

Thanks, Paul.

It would take you about 10sec to write a text file with chapters at, say, 10min intervals.

there’s a new nero tool called ‘NeroVision’ that’s a quite fantastic gui chapter mark setting tool