DivX download problems!

does anyone know where to download the Divx!! I searched and searched, but everytime those pop-ups or porn pages! It makes me CRAZY!! please help me !!

WOW, your still downloading from http’s?? amazing. I stoped doing that a LONG time ago when I learned of FTP’s, Newsgroups and Mirc. For the ftp’s–well, I stoped using those a while back too, but Mirc (www.mirc.com) is good for dl’ing movies and such, just bring up a search and look for “movie” or “divx” to search for them (on dalnet or whichever one your choose). I only use Mirc when my newsgroup’s are down. The newsgroups—okay, first you’ll need an ISP which has it (yours should unless yours sucks worse than mine) :wink: but it would basically be news.yourISP.xxx (i use news5.ptd.xxx) a good newsreader?..well, IMO i use Xnews (xnews.3dnews.net), install, setup, run, search for the newsgroups which would contain divx movies–ie alt.binaries.movies(.divx) or other groups that might contain them. If your on dialup…well, they try to make it “friendly” by posting them in parts. Hope this helps.