Divx Donut

Hello all. I’m starting to get my head round DVD burning [I’ve got Nero7] but I really want to understand some of the basics as a foundation. I have some Xvid files [Batman] that I wanted to burn with Nero for my son but found that it couldn’t burn them or even recode them. Now I’m not 100% whether burning is the same as recoding in a way, like do files get recoded in order to be able to burn them? Anyway I ended up burning them with Divx2 DVD but I was surprised that Nero couldn’t handle it. When I started the burning process the Divx icon appeared in the tray [why?]
I just ordered the divx converter to play around with but I already have DrDivx [whats the difference?] Another thing is if divx, xvid
etc make files smaller [or do they?] why is an AVI video the same size?
I’ve looked on loads of sites but it’s like I don’t know where to begin.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I hope to understand correctly your question :slight_smile:

If you have a standalone player able to read AVI files, then you can burn your avi movies with nero selecting “DATA DISC” (CD or DVD, as you like), and not video. If you select video, nero will convert avi into a standard DVD video file, and this is a really time consuming procedure.

The main difference between DivX and Xvid is that the first must be purchased, and the second is free. Both have basically the same quality.

Sorry, I’m not able to answer about DrDivx :frowning: