Divx Divx Divx

Hey guys, I have alot of divx for trade if any of you are interested, contact me at an address below… I have over 250 movies, and I can send through the mail, though I’m not really interested in recieving through the mail…

Louse76 (AIM)
116823922 (ICQ)

Also, I am very experienced in Flask encoding if anyone wants me to give them the software and maybe help them with netmeeting (which would allow me to take control of your computer and physically show you how to do it, but you can control what I can and can’t do etc, so its safe). I’ve done it with a couple guys. And BTW, over 200 of my Divx were encoded by myself (many a few times for optimum quality) so I know what I’m doing… :slight_smile:

PS: AIM or EMAIL is probably the best way to reach me, and I will have alot of free time over the next couple weeks until college starts… Hope to hear from you guys, I could use the company!

Offcourse we always like it when someone comes here with allot of experiance (also without) like you said you good with Flask. That’s nice.

But this is not the place to “sell” DivX. So plz do not try to.

I’ve removed your list from our board, but if people are interested they can PM or contact you in another way.

See you around!