DivX disc structure



I am about to buy a DivX standalone player. Before doing so, I would like to know how to author a DivX compliant disc. In DVD, there is a file structure standard e.g. TS_VIDEO, .IFO and .VOB files. I never come across any document that describes what are the naming conversion of the .avi files, subtitles. I presume there should be a standard in naming before the player can recongize the content of the disc.



You just burn your divx file as a data CD or DVD e.g ‘This is my movie.avi’. If you want subtitles then the subtitle file should be named exactly the same as your avi file e.g ‘This is my movie.sub’. Both files have to be in the same directory.


Thanks for the reply. I assume I can put multiple movies on the same disc. I am not too familiar with .sub. What exact format ie MicroDVD or vobsub are supported in DivX standard?


DivX standard?

Depends on the standalone. Most support text formats and some VOBSub’s. Don’t think that there is any standard for subs or anything else, I mean DXN have their Home Theatre, etc. profiles but that is about it. MPEG4 out lines standards for video, subs, audio, menu’s, etc. but none of the players really follow them.