DivX Converter 6.4.1 - Conversion Failure

The DivX converter always fails when it’s halfway through converting a video. I don’t know why, and reinstallation doesn’t fix the issue. Also, when attempting to take regular video files (.WMVs) to transcode into high-def .divx versions, the converter will hang for a few minutes and then crash. Schwaa?

All DVD files and WMVs are located on my hard drive, so my disc drive’s not the issue. sigh Why do you hurt me DivX? You promised your love to me…

yeah I get that too with divx converter. I just hope you havent bought it yet. I did as it worked at first but now it always fails at 50%. I bought the divx codec, and now use dvd decrypter with AutoGK. You rip the movie or file to ur hdd with just the ifo and movie, using none for file splitting, and a 5gb movie turns into a 1.8gb divx or xvid movie. Forget about divx converter, its a waste of time. When I tried to use it, it didnt even use both cores of my cpu. Auto GK uses about 90-95% of both cores. Takes me an hour to convert a movie to divx or xvid.

I had the exact same issue: conversion stopped at 50%. I created a support ticket and the response was this article:

Confusing, since I did not see any Tag 8192 errors. Nonetheless, the article says the solution to that error is to install a different AC3 filter. So I did. And it fixed my problem.

The article appears dated, so I installed this and the DivX Converter works now:
AC3Filter 1.63b

FYI, I’m using Windows 7 32-bit (release) and DivX Converter 7.1