Divx convert - Xvid

Hi all,

Can anyone help with this, I need a program to convert Divx files to Xvid as my player will only play Xvid files.

Until i get a new player sometime this year that’ll play both formats & preferably one with a usb port-i’ll be sailing.

But until then, i’ll have to stick with this one, as i didnt realise it played this format, totally by accident, as you do!

I’ve used Gspot to recognise the formats as some/most are DX50.

I’ve converted some with DVD Flick in the past & more recently with Nero Express 3 (with menus is better) but with episodic titles i’d rather them in Xvid format for easier keeping as not everyone will borrow them then :wink:

I’ve done the search but it only had X to DVD etc. & done a Google search as well & came across this if anyone knows it/recommends it?

BTW: I’ve come across some players that might play Divx, but they only have Mpeg4 labelled on them, could they handle them, as im not too familiar with all the formats that are supported or if theyre all the same format.

Thanks a lot, as im only new here, but hoping to learn a lot here.

I think AutoGK will do what you need. I has an option to specify Divx or Xvid for the output file in the “Advanced Settings” dialog box.

I checked out the similar threads at bottom of page to my question, as i tried the search, but got no advice on the app i found!

It seems that AutoGK will do the job according to these

posts As Videohelp looks like a good site for advice!

BTW: Thanks UTR, :clap: i was in the process of replying to this & lookin for those posts

I’ll tackle it later & report back.

[B]PS[/B]. Probably off-topic, but if you’re burning to a DVD-/+ RW & checking out the final result, i came across this by accident [I](when lookin for something else)[/I]about DVD RW that you have to make it a book-type?

Is that true, as some of my recent DVD RW are not recognisable on the pc & had to be formatted on my DVD RECORDER.

Thanks for the help received & sorry for goin off-topic.

I don’t burn to RW discs and there are more informed people here that can help you on that topic. Maybe another post will get you some answers.

Thanks UTR,

I only burn to a few DVDRW discs as i dont want to waste discs when experimenting, every little bit helps.

I tried to reply earlier, but my brother is visiting with his kids & my neice turned off the pc on me! :a

I dont understand this, I was gonna set up AutoGK to convert overnite, but choosing the input file (inserting the divx file ) it says [B] unsupported [/B][B] file type[/B][B] :confused::confused:

[/B]I had the guide(s) open in front of me, but i dont know what went wrong?

Make sure you have the proper codecs installed.

I assumed it was included as it was quoted here

But the AutoGK Installer will install everything else that you need. Just designate a folder for the installation, and everything will be taken care of.Optional programs include the XviD Coder/Decoder, AviSynth, and VobSub. If you already have the most recent versions of them, then you don’t need to install them again (although with regarding of codecs - AutoGK is meant to work only with codecs that are bundled with it or mentioned in this tutorial or FAQ

If it wasnt installed, where do you find it?


I read somewhere (probably here or Videohelp.com or DooM9) that Xvid and Divx are so similar that you can usually edit the file header and ‘change’ them without having to transcode.

I’ve no idea what a file header is, i’m not too familiar with the terminology, but is this something related to it? Link


Go to the Divx web site and download just the codec and install it. That should let you convert between Xvid and Divx.

I’m not that interested in learning how to do it for you, but I just saw the term ‘fourcc’ used to describe what I’m talking about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourcc

I have a cheap Panasonic (~$80) and a cheap Daytek (~$30). Both play DivX (DX50) and XviD (XVID) just fine.

And yes, the formats are more or less identical, except for how they typically identify themselves through 4cc.