DivX conversion tool required

I have a DivX movie with uncompressed video. I’ve tried compressing using VirtualDubMod with no succes. Are there any other encoders beside Nandub, VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and TMPGEnc.


If you have a DivX movie, the video MUST be compressed with the DivX or Xvid codec. If you have a file with Un-compressed video, then it is not a DivX. Do you mean you have an AVI with uncompressed video ?

VirtualDubMod will compress it for you assuming you have a registered version of DivX codec installed. Set Video to Full Conversion Mode, set Compression to DivX and select the bitrate you want. Then hit Save As and leave at the default avi.

I’ve attatched a snap of Gspot’s result. I think you are right , saying it is an uncompressed avi file. Is it possible to covert it to a DivX file?

If I watch the movie on my PC … no problem, but if I watch it on the TV using Yamada DivX player, there is a stutter in the sound. Any ideas?


The file you have a pretty standard DivX file using DivX 5.x It is compressed. Audio is quoted as MP3 (thats normal) but could be VBR MP3. Simply your Yamada DivX player maynot be able to handle the VBR MP3, this is quite common unfortunately.

You could try stripping the audio out (with NanDUB), converting to normal MP3 (use BeSweet) and then mux together again with Nandub. However the file size may grow and now wont fit to a CDR. You may have to lower the bitrate also to make it fit.