DivX configuration

Hello …
I have a question about DivX configuration … which one is the best?
I encode using FlaskMPEG since I think it’s the easiest program out there. I tried EasyDivX and Gordian Knot but they don’t work (I got error messages).
Anyway I tried to ripped my Rush Hour 2 DVD to DivX. I use the Bit Calculator and I used 920Kbit. I use the Low motion and high motion but they both are not very good. Especially when it’s during fighting or fast scene. I can see blocks.
I haven’t really tried just the DivX 4.12 codec not the fast or low motion because there are too much configuration in there and I don’t really understand the manual from DivX.com
So can someone please tell me what configuration do they use that will make a good quality of DivX?
Or is the the FlaskMPEG program?


Can you tell me how you use FlaskMeg! I cant figure that program out for the life of me…

Ok … this is how I do it …

1st … rip the dvd to your hardrive using smartripper or something, and make sure you have the .ifo file
2nd … run the program and click on file --> open dvd and click on flask dvd
3rd … click on options —> output format options and choose your video codec (In this case probably DivX) and audio codec (I use radium codec)
4th … click on options —> global project options and in there they have some options.
After you done all these, just click on run --> start conversion.

I don’t know if you’ll understand what I just wrote cuz I’m a newbie. I’m new to the world of DivX :). But you might want to check this website http://www.logicaldesigns.net/divx/ they have some tutorials. Some people also recommend doom9

Anyway … hope that help …
And can some1 pls answer my question that I post above …


The only thing I use the DivX format for is my 3D Studio MAX 4 movies that I develop!

I will usually encode it at 1500Kbps. Takes hell of a long time because 3DS has to process faces, lighting, raytraces, motion blur, and whole lotta other stuff. About 7 passes per frame so for one second of movie it takes 10 seconds to encode!

Well FlaskMpeg and XMpeg dont work for me under WinXP!

Any other suggestions…?

When I say they dont work I mean they dont run under WinXP… I double-click and nothing happens… The program doesnt load…

I’m sorry … but I can’t help you because I’m running Win98 and I don’t have a problem running FlaskMPEG
But I can’t run XMPEG. When I run the program, it seem that I got an error message but it wasn’t in English. And when I clicked OK it didn’t do anything.
Maybe someone here can help us