Divx Codecs

Hello Experts,i have been pulling my hair out trying to get a good Divx avi encoded on the fly from satelite .I Tried Virtual Vcr 480x480 uyvy 29.97 fr xvid mpeg 4 codec 1 pass cbr 2350 bit rate, the quality and file size is great the movie starts out with no sound problems then the out of sync with the sound starts, i tried every setting the on line help said to try no luck, i have used virtual dub also but cannot get a good quality avi unless i go to 350x240 rgb,and then have a huge avi, any one have experiance at this any help would be appreciated.


try virtualdub


i did mention in my first post that i tried it.

Sorry, I’ve forgotten, but what are your PC specs again? Sounds like you are getting a lot of dropped frames from a slow PC or slow HD or both.

Have you had a read at http://www.lukesvideo.com/ ?

Specs are p4 2gig 512 ddr ram Maxtor 80 gig 7200rpm ultra dma 133 and 40 gig 7200rpm ultra dma 133, clean as a whistle running win2k nt ntfs file system ,aiw radion 7500 ,soundblaster audigy asus p4b533 mother board.


thought you said twice virtual vcr

there is a special mod of virtual dub which speciallizes in capturing.

you should capture low screen format with high bitrate…this will an able you to blow up the screen later with TMPGenc

Yes Thank’s for Reply i will give a shot ,Everyone say’s to use Higher Resolutions 480x480 ,720x480???

By asking this:

Originally posted by cheeeser
Everyone say’s to use Higher Resolutions 480x480 ,720x480???

Do you mean what do we think if you use those resolutions, or everyone says use these resolutions and you’re asking what do we think about it?

Like damiandimitri said, it’s better to use lower resolution with higher bitrate so you can enlarge it later without losing much of the quality.

Yes im asking what everbody thinks what the best way to do it,and what bitrate do you recommend or is it trial and error.

just try a few bitrates…i had good results with xvid or divx 5 at bitrates above 1000

Could someone please explain the differences between FFDSHOW and DIVX codecs. Another thing if both are installed on one 's system what problems are you likely to encounter? Thanks.


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I think this page explains what ffdshow does pretty well. I had both installed at one point and didn’t experience any problems. Unlike divx, ffdshow gives you more freedom with the type of files you want it to open. So basically if you have both installed, you can choose which filter/codec you want to use to view your divx files with.

you may also try encoding with keyframe interval set to 1 (or 2) and the bitrate very high at 4000 (this is the max for divx afaik) and the ‘big resolution’. this makes less motion frames (which normally need more encoding time) and then reencode it (when there’s time) with the bitrate you want and the keyframe interval set to standard again.

but: you need a lot of disk space…