DivX Codec - Convert to



hi! i have a page and downloaded vids from the web. the vids downloaded are in divx format and about 20 to 30 megs big. i would like to convert them to a size of approximately 5 or 6 megs and the best quality that’s possible.

  1. what’s the best codec to use for this “task”
  2. with which program should i convert this vids using the codec from #1

please share your thoughts, give advice, etc…


Could you provide some more info on the source-files? Like resolution and duration, soundquality…
I guess re-encoding at a lower bitrate DivX (with or without changing the resolution) is the only option. This can be done with VirtualDub (full processing mode)


thanx, i will try that with virtualdub!!
if problems… u will hear later :slight_smile: