DivX Certified KiSS DP-500 networked DVD player now available



I just posted the article DivX Certified KiSS DP-500 networked DVD player now available.

The first officially DivX Certified™ DVD player,
the KiSS DP-500, is now available for sale on www.divx.com. The DP-500, powered by
the EM8550 DVD processor from Sigma Designs, is a…

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Still Divx 3.11 files cant be played at a higher resolution than 352x288 on the player. And the player doesnt support 1/4 pixel. http://www.sigmadesigns.com/products/em8500.htm


gimme xvid, with ethernet they could implement autoupdate to latest version too.


Eh, well Glad i use my xbox as divx/xvid player, and much cheaper :wink: It plays divx/xvid/vcd/svcd/dvd/mp3/wma/ogg//wav/And much more :d And Also Network capable, works perfect streaming from pc to xbox :slight_smile: :X (ok you need to open and plug in something in ur xbox, and by this u lose ur support if something happens) :S Ow, almost forgot, u can also use the xbox as a gaming device, but that’s a little pointless, cause i aint seen any good xbox games anyway. :B


Much cheaper? What’s XBox cost now? Plus the modchip? Plus a remote (since the KiSS has one)?


Wow so what! Big deal that kiss produced the first standalone divx player. Who wants to pay $300+ for something that serves 1 function (playing back divx/dvd movies) You really wanna watch bootlegged movies on ur tv? Ok, heres a few cheaper ideas: 1. Get Xbox and mod it. (im sure this can be done for less then what kiss charges for a simple computer in a box) 2. Get a vid card that is capable of tv-out (Like a radeon aiw, even comes with a convenient remote) 3. Buy a Dvd-burner and standalone dvd player. One more thing - I refuse to buy a product that carries such a gay name as “kiss”. :r


$300!!!??? I would rather go for Lite-On. $300 I can buy 5 DVD-Players already!!


This device is definately a step in the right direction but I find it too lacking for the 300 Dollar price tag. A premodded Xbox can be purchased for that price or even an older laptop with Svideo out. If they could drop it down to 200 and include the option of installing any codec you wnated to then it would be a sweet product.


phew…I was worrying if they forgot to update the DP-450 firmware…so it too is now divx certified…I’ve owned one for ~9 months and all I can say is that I love it and it just keeps getting better and better…and about Xbox…it wouldn’t really look good on my stereo rack ^^


Does anyone know if it will play media(divx/mp3/ogg) from DVD media or only from CD-R/RW? Would be alot better if you could use DVD media since it would hold a lot more than CD. :d