DivX celebrates 5th anniversary with free DivX Create bundle

I just posted the article DivX celebrates 5th anniversary with free DivX Create bundle.

     *update* The offer seems to have expired already.       Airhead used our news submit to tell us "Well, its free... What's the catch?" :D I don't know Airhead but I  downloaded the darn...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10922-DivX-celebrates-5th-anniversary-with-free-DivX-Create-bundle.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10922-DivX-celebrates-5th-anniversary-with-free-DivX-Create-bundle.html)

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I went there and got: “Sorry! The one-day DivX five year anniversary giveaway has ended. (Try checking back in September, 2010.).” Damnit.

Yep. Either it was old news, or the giveaway lasted less than 24 hours. Sheesh, what a disappointment.

A bunch of others tried on another forum, downloaded and no key was ever sent, so to this spam there are always other ways if you really want it.

It didnt work anyway, nobody i have spoken to was sent a serial key, and neither was i

I saw this mentioned on a fellow Aussie user’s blog last night, went and downloaded it… and received the serial email just this morning. Of course, I use XviD for ALL my encodes… but still, Hubba hubba zoot zoot. :X

Me no getum key either! :c edit: I went to the site and they had this to say: “Still waiting for your free serial number? Our giveaway was so popular that there is a large backlog in our mail servers. If you entered a valid e-mail address we will be continuing to send out serial numbers over the next two days. Remember that if you use an e-mail service with mail filtering your serial number may have been diverted into a bulk mail folder.”
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Well I must have been the lucky one, I downloaded the package and got a serial emailed to me…

Today we are pleased to offer you the DivX Create Bundle, including the DivX Player, DivX Pro 6 codec and DivX Converter, absolutely free. Here is your free DivX Create serial number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ yup…worked here too :g

I got mine too, save me a trip to keygen.us

According to Hotdealsclub.com, “it looks like they are not including the Mpeg2/DVD to DivX converter with this free package, so I guess we found the “catch” for this deal, making this deal not as hot as we originally thought. They say you can purchase the addon that enables Mpeg2/DVD to DivX conversion.”

I recieved the email with the key. I haven’t installed yet though.

whoops I missed it! :o

plz give me serial number for divx converter

:)give me serial number for divx converter