DIVX Burning



I was wondering if there was software out there that would make DVD burning a tad bit more simpler…

If your burning say 60+ Gb of Divx files at a shot… I’m wondering if there’s a way to automate it a bit better… (I’m not talking about conversion this is just a DATA dvd)

I know that Nero has backitup… which is a terrible program for the following reasons

  • Putting everything in paths (not bad… but not changeable either)
  • Doesn’t allow CD Naming
  • Wants to split files (no option not too)

In addition when I do labels for my archive burns… I don’t use full CD labels cause they cost like $.50 at a shot or something… (sometimes more then the DVD) I use file folder labels (like avery 7998?)

Is there a simple way to pull folder names into automating it for burning labels… (I’m sure this is maybe a long shot but figured I’d ask)


are these data dvds meant for playback on standalone dvd players? afaik there not really an easier way to burn 60gb of divx files than to create data dvds in nero or imgburn (thats what i use) so you’ll be able to name the dvds whatever you want.


I’m guessing imgburn doesn’t do tons of data?

Yes as I said these our data DVD’s