DivX Bitrate Calculator + Guide

This is a very simply program I wrote to work out what bitrate to use when encoding DivX movies to a smaller avi file. It was extremly accurate when I wrote it for DivX5.1 but may now be a little off with the default settings with the release of newer versions of the codec.

It can be downloaded from here zipped at about 250kb.

This is the first screen that you will see when you launch this program.

Here you need to enter the length of the movie, the amount of space that you want the ripped movie to fit into and the audio bitrate tht you are goig to use. Type in the length of your movie that you got from your DVD ripping program. You can either use the drop down boxes for the audio and size boxes or type in your own. You can’t enter a value in Total size MB’s. This value is caclulated by muliplying the value in Number Of Splits by the value in Split Size in MB’s.

When you have entered the correct values in the boxes hit the Calculte Bitrate button to calculate the bitrate.

If the movie length you entered along with the Total Size MB’s produces a bitrate that the program deems to low to be a good rip it will show up a new window. Generally anything below 600 is not good enough. This does come down to personnal preferences though.

At this point you can either accept this figure or increase the Total Size MB’s to something larger. Here you can see that the outputed bitrate for this combination of movie length, audio bitrate and total size is 404 which is to low.

To increase the bitrate to an acceptable value you need to increase the Total Movie MB’s value. Do this by either selecting an higher option from the pull down menu or enter your own in the Number Of Splits and Split Size In MB’s boxes. Here we have increased the Total Movie MB’s value by rasing the Number OF Splits to 2 and increasing the Split Size to 690. The total of this is shown in the Total Size MB’s box. Now hit the Calculate button to work out the new bitratre.

By doing this we have increased the bitrate value. Remember the higher the bitrate the better quality the rip will be but the more space it will take up. If you decide to use a total size over 700mb then you will have to split the movie up into sections after it has been encoded if you want to put it onto CDs.