DivX/AVI Playback

My first posting!

I have a 110 that I bought in Tesco’s for £57 a couple of weeks ago. I notice that when I play AVI movies there’s a severe lag between the picture and dialogue. When I play the same movies on a laptop, everything is in sync which indicates it’s not the movie file.

I notice Liteon have a firmware update within the last few days.

Has anyone else encountered this sync problem and resolved it by applying the update? (I haven’t tried it myself yet)


Its a firwmare bug your best bet is to keep emailing LiteON about it. Im not sure if the new firmware fixes this but its worth a try.

Also phoning LiteON’s uk helpline and explaining to them may speed things up in firmware development.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded the latest upgrade and will report back on the results once I’ve had a chance to install it.

I’ve installed the latest firmware update and I’m pleased to say that it worked a treat, the AVIs that were previously anything upto 2 seconds out of sync are now fine.

I would justg say that ,if you have previously applied the multi region hack, you will need to re-apply after the firmware is upgraded