DivX/AVI jumping around on playback

I just downloaded my first DivX AVI. The file took forever to download. It is 700MB and I am planning to burn it to a DVD to playback on a stand alone DVD Player.

Finally, when the file finished downloading, I went to play it back on Window Media Player (version 10) and the picture jumps all around. The audio is uneffected.

I was wondering if it is because I might not have the appropriate codec for the DivX and should go and download it. However, I am worried about installing it if it would replace another codec already on my computer.

I have looked in ‘my computer’ and the only codec I could find is the K-Lite pack. Someone told me to uninstall it and if I was going to get any pack it should only be matroska pack (videohelp.com advice).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Yes, this sure could be a codec problem. People have different opinions on the codec packs though. I never had much problems with the K-lite docec packs, but I know that doesn’t say a thing. You could try to either update your version of the K-lite codec pack or just get rid of it and install another codec or codecpack.

For playing DivX/XVid I mostly use FFDShow. You can get that one here.

FFD Show is brilliant. Another good choice is this:DivX Homepage There is a freeware codec in amongst the payware.

I used to have those problems a loooong time ago.
1.stop using WMP. It’s not good at all, and has a habbit of messing up with certian codecs, use Media Player Classic, you can get it from several places including videohelp.com.

2.uninstall the k-lite codec pack. if you need it DOn’t install the DIVX codec that comes with it, there have been reports that it bitches on several computers. Get the XVID codec.It’s a freeware version of DIVX that is a lot better. you can get a good build from videohelp.com.

3.Get FFDshow. It’s a post processing filter that helps alot with divx/xvid playback.

Then play the file. All the problems should go away.

I uninstalled K-Lite codec pack and proceeded to download and install ffdshow. I am glad to report that the AVI plays without any jump, jumping or freezing.

Can anyone tell me how to stop WMP from automatically playing all my AVI files. I have an Intervideo DVD player on my computer, however, everytime I select an AVI file WMP pops up and plays it.

Thanks for the above post, helping me with the codecs.

Just right click on the .AVI and select ‘properties’. Select ‘opens with’ and change it to Intervideo, ‘apply’ that and it should relate it to every new .AVI and existing ones as well.

Thanks, it was really annoying me. Mostly, because I new it would be a quick fix.

Oh by the way, ffdshow does not have a divx 5.0 codec and you will have to download and install it separately.

I had the ace mega codec pack 6.03 i when i played Xvid’s on wmp or tried to convert it to dvd they always apeared non fluid(picture) as if the movie was made of photos. i uninstaled that and installed a xvid codec and the problem was the same, even after i converted it to dvd and played that dvd. I don’t understand why is that i install a xvid codec and still it plays badly, can anyone help?

hi i download a move but if i play it back on media player sound is ok picture jumps all over can any one help