DIVX and XVID to DVD... Sync Problems

I am trying to burn 2 XVID or DVD files to DVD. I use Nero Vision 3 to add the files and make the DVD image. I then mount the image and use DVD Shrink to fit the image onto one DVD. The problem that I am having is that when I mount the image that Nero has created, there is an audio sync problem. The voices do not match up with the mouth movements of the actors. There is a delay. I do not have this problem if I burn from Nero, only if I create an image with Nero. Is there a program that I can use that will correct this problem that I am having. It is very frustrating. I have tried virtualdub, but it wont open the XVID and DIVX files.

If VirtualDub won’t open the files… there’s a problem, now isn’t there?

Anyway, depending on what your source material is, one possibility is the AC3 filter. I drove myself NUTS once, I had a storebought 4-disc set of Firefly, but the last couple episodes of Disc4 wouldn’t rip for some reason, and it was far too late after purchase to return it. So I figured what the heck, I’ll just pull the XVids, convert 'em… it’s just a backup after all, for watching on the 27" TV.

But no matter WHAT I DID, the backups were out of sync. Badly so.

Until I installed the AC3Filter. BINGO, problem solved!