DivX and DivX Pro 5.0.2 for Windows released



I just posted the article DivX and DivX Pro 5.0.2 for Windows released.

A new DivX version has been released yesterday. Thanks SirDavidGuy, our CD Freaks Forum Moderator, for the news submission:

What’s new:

Added several new options to the codec properties…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3861-DivX-and-DivX-Pro-5_0_2-for-Windows-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3861-DivX-and-DivX-Pro-5_0_2-for-Windows-released.html)

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Those who know me know I am a big DivX fan. However, I have found these codecs to be highly inferior to the original DivX:-) Alpha 3.11 - what was your experience?


I installed this and now I have something called Gain Trickler always trying to break thru Zone Alarm. Is this spyware?


According to cexx.org it’s a part of Gator. So it looks like the ppl behind DivX have added Spyware in their program?


Yeah spyware was added to DivX since version 5.0 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


i installed 5.0 when it first came out and got what appeared to be a spyware virus. this virus was undetectable by anti virus programs at the time. it attempted to set up a ‘click the button’ program about every 6 hours. it looked liked spyware to me. i uninstalled divx5.0 and this virus went away. i went back to 4.x. i will not upgrade if spyware is attached.


The spyware is in the free version of the pro package. It’s not that hard to circumvent. If you don’t like the spyware, then buy the full version.


what was your experience?
Yes the exact same thing. I’m still using 3.11 alpha and it works just fine…


Right! 3.11 is simply the best! Encode your .avi’s with SBC and Lame VBR-MP3 sound and youll get a really great looking and sounding video! :7


agree, 3.11 totally r0x.


yeah, I just got DivX 5.0 and it DOES contain spyware. The GAIN Trickler is active when you are encoding anything. It sends info and stuff to a main server, apperantly it is creating a giant AD server out of hundreds of computers all hooked up to the GAIN network. Thats just like what KazaA is doing (which is why i never use it,) only KazaA is a bit worse. Spyware is for the big bad corparations! Keep DivX Spyware Free! gREEtz, nEXusJ


Configure your firewall to block it. Or use keygens from unspeakable sites, [begin monotonal robot voice] which I have absolutely no idea where they could be[end monotonal robot voice]


Hi @ll! Gator is a Programm that comes with the free Pro Version. I found out how to delete it. You need to stop 2 to 3 processes by pressing Strg+Alt+Entf. Those are Gmt CMEII and eventually Gator. Then you search and delete the folders with the same titles (You need to torn off the the Read only option in the folder details). In the Run option of the startmenu you type msconfig and edit the systemstart and turn off CMESys and GStartup. In the Run option of the startmenu you type Regedit and search for GMT and Gator and delate everything (Do not delete any Netscape NaviGATOR or similar files) So if you understood evrything i wrote you´ve got DivX5.02 but not the sucking Gator Spyware Wop2k