Im stuck, and must be doing something wrong and need your help!

Ok so Ive converted xvid and divx to dvd-r using tmpg xpress 3.0 and dvd author and very satisfied with the result.

This particular file has AC3 audio and its making me go bald.

I think im doing something wrong when extracting the audio via VirtualDub and then the way I select audio in tmpg xpress.

Do i extract the ac3 using virtual dub as .wav and then point to the saved .wav file in tmpg?

I convert to mpeg but get no sound…

Help im aging quickly.

TMPGEnc Xp 3 will not handle AC3 audio, so you get none. VirtualDUB also cannot handle AC3 audio and will not let you demux it out as a WAV. Best is to use NanDUB, set Audio to Full Processing Mode and the hit Save WAV.

Chicken man , I hit full processing mode (nandub) opened the video file and saved as wav.
Opened tmpg xpress pointed to the video file and directed the audio to the wav file.
Encoding finsihed. Played back the mpeg file and no sound.

Im about to cry.

Did you play the extracted WAV, did it play okay ? What is the size of the file and how long is the movie in hr & min ?

Played the .wav file . I can hear the audio aww I am about to cry louder…

Then just use BeSweet to convert the WAV to MP2 audio. Demux the mpg file tmpg xpress 3.0 made to get the *.mpv (video) file, then just author these together manually in TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Thanks chickenman, but still having trouble.

Found a good guide at videohelp none the less . Cheers