DivX 9 Bundle problem!

My dear friends,
At the outset my “belated”,yet HEARTFELT (sorry for the caps) best wishes to you all for-Christmas,Post-Christmas & New year Eve! I am a newbie here but am a Windows7forums.com “GURU”. So,here’s my problem :A) I have bought the DivX9 bundle,installed&registered it smoothly!I have a 50 inch Panasonic Viera HD TV Home theater (Model: TH-50PV80D A)manufactured in Singapore in 2009 which is"not"certified by DivX as a DivX product.

                B) When i download from Youtube (using the Cucusoft YoutubeMate),videos like Comedy Express "Telugu"(my native language),convert them using the DivX ConverterPlus with "Home Theater option",burn it to a DVD-RW and play them using the Panasonic DVD player(part of the Home Theater,as you know)the video comes out as a FULL SCREEN on the TV. When i download,for example--a Josh Groban Music Video OR a video of "how to exercise the Quads & Hams",with the same settings & conversion,the video plays out as a small box in the center of the TV.

               C)I have had extensive interaction with the support team of DivX and they ultimately have responded that they have no clue! One Video playing out full screen and another as a small box has foxed me and taxed me no end!These Two videos play full screen on the DivX Player on my Sony Vaio laptop.

               Kindly take your time and help me out with your informed replies! I have searched our club.myce database for any answers and drew a blank. I will be grateful for the helpful answers!
                                        yours expectantly,

Examine the files that you have gotten from Youtube with MediaInfo. This is a free tool (make certain not to accept any of the “extras” or browser add-ons when installing it).

In particular, examine one that will work correctly after conversion, and one that you know does not.

I find the Tree and Text views within MediaInfo to be most informative. You can save the results as a text file and put it into this thread.

You can also examine the divx output with this tool and see if there are any obvious differences.

Dear Kerry56,
Thanks for the fast reply:)! I am enclosing as "attachments"first off the Youtube video info’ & the DivX converted video of the same as text.This video plays FULL SCREEN on the TV.Kindly view and opine!


Now kindly view the attachments of a music video downloaded from Youtube that does NOT play full screen on TV.The DivX converted Text too is enclosed. Thanks a lot for your time & patience!


There are a couple of things that jump out at me immediately.

In the first example, which converted successfully, you have the same resolution in the original movie as you do in the output: 320 x 240. You also have the same framerate: 25fps. Display aspect ratio, probably the most important relating to your problem, is 4:3 in both the original and your output.

In the second one, you are starting with a 16:9 video, with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. This also has a variable frame rate. You are converting to standard def resolution, that seems to have at least some of the black bars cut off the top and bottom (720 x 540), and you are using a constant frame rate of 23.976. And you’ve converted to 4:3 sized resolution, which your Divx converter doesn’t seem to know how to do.

If you have controls in the Divx converter to change to a 16:9 output, this is the first thing I would try on the second video.

Dear Kerry56,
Thanks for the TOP notch analysis of the DivX issue! As you rightly mentioned,the DivX Plus Converter Version 9 does not seem to have the ability to convert to the 16:9 aspect. Anyway,i am enclosing a snapshot of the OPTIONS the converter offers in a purchased bundle of DivX. I feel quite comfortable here and i guess you are the reason for it:);)!


Since the divx output plays ok on the laptop, and not from the Panasonic dvd player, the divx file is simply not being scaled up properly by the dvd player. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about this particular encoder to help you.

You might try another program for conversion of the 16:9 videos. Most of the free ones use xvid instead of divx, but xvid is almost always playable by dvd players that can handle divx.

WinFF and Xvid4PSP are two popular conversion programs that should be able to do this for no cost.

You might also try making a divx file with a custom resolution of 640 x 360 in the Divx 9 program.

Dear Kerry56,
Thanks for the analysis!Grateful!! I HAVE downloaded and installed the Xvid4PSP program you suggested and after downloading “enough” videos to fill the 4.7GB DVD-RW Disc and play it using the Panasonic DVD Player,i will get back to you to inform about the outcome!

                I am glad that this site and forums are "quality-Platinum grade"!Being a consultant Physician(simply put--a Doc),i can't help but say that my heart was wrenched by the recent tragedy that happened to the little angels & the Principal in that School (Newtown?)!

                                       my regards to you and prayers for the parents,