Divx 6

I’ve gotta say, I’m really stunned that no one has made a program similar to RatDVD that uses Divx 6 instead. Many RatDVD fans consider the idea of using Divx 6 instead of the default codec as heresy, so I’ve given up on hoping for that to come to pass, despite the logic of it now that Divx 6 can contain multiple audio tracks, menus, “extras,” and the like. So, that leaves us with the obvious, and surprisingly overdue, alternative. Another program, like RatDVD, but using Divx 6, being created.

I’m curious if anyone knows of such a project in development, or has any opinion as to why such has not been seen already. When Divx 6 was released, I truly expected something identical to ratDVD to appear almost instantly, but that hasn’t been the case, and I must confess to being completely baffled by that. Divx 6 plays fine on all the Divx Certified standalone players, and on many that are simply “Divx Compatible.” Firmware updates (at least those I’m aware of) have not yet been updated to officially include Divx 6 (all the additional features, anyway), but at least the videos still play, and the certification program means that it won’t be much longer before Divx 6 is incorporated into these updates. Just a waiting game at this point, really.