DivX 5.01 & DivX Pro 5.01 ready for download



I just posted the article DivX 5.01 & DivX Pro 5.01 ready for download.

Digital_Gangsta, Mart and kingloui used our newssubmit to tell us that DivX and DivX Pro 5.0.1 are now released. This release has mainly some improvements and bug fixes.


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3635-DivX-5_01--DivX-Pro-5_01-ready-for-download.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3635-DivX-5_01--DivX-Pro-5_01-ready-for-download.html)

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Hehe. They now dont let you just d/load the Pro version. Gotta part with a CredCard number first… I wonder why that is DAMN? :wink:


huh? of course you can: just look for the “upgrade instructions” and there you have the downloadlink. But it seems that they have altered the algorythm for their activation-code. –

--------------- While you do not need to purchase a new serial number, you will have you register your software again and generate a new activation code. We understand the difficulty this places on some of our users who are working on machines that are not connected to the Internet, and we did everything we could to avoid this, but unfortunately it was necessary. This will be the exception, not the rule. You will normally not need to re-activate your software for free upgrades. We have automatically increased everyone’s activation limit to account for the additional activation we are requiring you to do. What this means for most users is that you’ll just have to follow the registration and activation process one more time to generate a new activation code. This new code will allow you to activate version 5.0.1 on your computer. (You can discard your old activation code. It is not longer of any use.) For the majority of you, that’s all you’ll need to do. –
-------------- Their activation process is very Microsoft-like :wink:


I agree. For a format that originated from a hacked codec and that was based for warez type usage these guys have gone to the oposite extreme and have now turned into, whats the word: Morons?!


Actually this is the path everyone follows. Many cdr sites used to be “warez friendly” before considering the joys of pilitical correctness. A few known webmasters were oping in warez chans. Others were just “warezmasters”. For example, cdrinfo was a large warez site with lots of pirated programs and porn banners. And cdfreaks was a site with a hard warez attitude before “CD Freaks does not want to be associated with that”. So DivX followed the easy “way to gimme the money”.


Hehe, seems that they have joined the real “DARK” side of the force :4


First spyware and now product activation? Lick my balls DivX Networks, it’ll never happen.