DivX 5.0.4 Pro released

It out. A free update for previous owners. Apparently better support for AVI files. Going to try it out now.


Includes the first version of the Electrokompressiongraphâ„¢ (EKG) application, a new gadget from the R&D labs of DARC. The EKG application gives advanced video compressionists the ability to reallocate data to specific scenes within a video clip.

The new RC doesn’t use Q=1 frames anymore
No stuffing used, bitrate can be too low in some extreme cases.
Strategy planning for rate control is much faster now
Better tracking of the planned RC strategy creating more consistent quality.

K6-2 CPU related crash resolved.
Not able to change Bitrate Modulation through CLI field.
Cosmetic bug when cropping more than 1000 pixels.
Cosmetic bug when resize settings are invalid.
During 1 pass quality-based, Quantizer can now be set to 1 with CLI
Multiple error windows no longer open upon entering wrong bitrate modulation option.
‘Max Keyframe Interval’ no longer accepts negative values
Multiple error windows no longer open upon entering wrong CLI option.
In the Quick Config CLI field, ‘Enable Resize’ was taking invalid options
Remove -b in the Quick Config CLI field, ‘Use Bidirectional Encoding’ option was not getting deselected.
Fixed CLI inconsistencies when “Restore codec’s default” is pressed.
Max bitrate and encoding bit rate(average) was displayed same.
Fixed hitting tab in the CLI field to enable ‘Use Bidirectional Encoding’
Fixed ‘Pre Processing Source’ Cosmetic bug
Fixed: remove -w in the Quick Config CLI field, ‘Update Log file’ option is not getting deselected.
When ‘Psychovisual Enhancements’ value is set to 4, in the Quick Config CLI field, mismatch in slider and label options.
1 Pass and Nth Passâ„¢ undersized file should be fixed
Certain dark sequences would produce a long period of frames using a Quantizer of 31.
Psychovisual Enhancement field sometimes displayed “Custom” instead of Light when unselected
“Do not prompt with errors and warnings” would select itself when random characters were entered in the CLI after the “-key” option
When “-d 3” option was entered in the CLI field, “Source interlace” became blank.
Max bitrate would not update at times.
DirectShow decoder postprocessing slider became disabled with ATI radeon 9700 Graphics card
DirectShow decoder would “fast forward” when seeking backwards. This could cause synch issues when re-encoding DivX Files using the DivX Decoder Filter.
Various cosmetic fixes in the Encoder GUI
Do not prompt Error unchecked as default fixed.
Light Psychovisual enabled itself automatically when exiting the CLI field.
Max bitrate reset itself to x10 the average when going in the “profile” tab
MPEG-4 “type Indicator” correctly set according to selected encoding parameters
No more green first frame at very high bitrates.
Decoder updates the display to the appropriate frame when seeking
Decoder remembers the postprocessing settings
Fixed some memory leaks related to Psychovisual and Nth Passâ„¢ mode
Nth Passâ„¢ RC is tweaked to minimize the usage of high quantizer
Nth Passâ„¢ doesn’t create an empty frames at the beginning of the clip
Brightness/Saturation sliders now working correctly.