DivX 3 Low-Motion Prob

I have a Movie with the codec as ‘DivX 3 Low-Motion’
Why does the playback play jumpy and slow?

It may have been poorly encoded or perhaps your media player doesn’t play the file well. Try using a different media player (eg. DivX player) and see if that solves the problem.

If it doesn’t, a good way to confirm whether the actual file is damaged is to attempt to convert it to another format (like mpg). If the playback is equally jumpy and slow, then most likely the file is damaged.

So you’re saying it could just be a bad rip??

It was a double CD, downloaded CD 1, and CD 2 both were jumpy as none of my other files are like this, ill assume it’s a bad rip.

It COULD be. That’s why testing the file with other media players may be helpful. I’d try a conversion of a small segment to another format to see if that fixes the problem.