DivX 3.11 - KISS DP-450 and DP-500


Today I got a mail reply from KISS Technology confirming that these 2 players will support the DIVX 3.11 codec after an upcoming FIRMWARE release.

This should be some great news for the owners or presumptive buyers of these machines.

:smiley: erikss0n :smiley:

Firmware update
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Fra: Magnus Eriksson [mailto:Magnus.Eriksson@xxxxxx.xxxxxx]
Sendt: 17. marts 2003 16:15
Til: blu[at]kiss-technology.com
Emne: Kiss DIVX compability


Until now it’s been said that KISS DP-450 would not support the DivX 3.11-codec but following the link http://www.kiss-technology.com/news/content.asp?id=52 there is a new statement from KISS TECHNOLOGY.

Quick question:

Does this mean that there will be an updated model of this player or will there be an firmware-update that enables playback of DivX 3.11-coded streams on players sold up to this date?

I have tried to find answers to this on the net but except from the link I provided the only statement is that it supports DivX4 and newer codecs.

Best regards,
Magnus Eriksson

Cool! :slight_smile:
Divx311 roxxors

It even plays Divx movies with AC3 sound according to Kiss :slight_smile:

OMFG, who still encodes w/ 311? 412 is pretty nutty, but 311? Damn. Anyway, QCast for PS2 does that too, so whatever.