Divx 2 Mpeg Conversion pls help

Hi, can any 1 help me i was wondering if there was a tool 2 convert Divx into an Mpeg file as i need 2 convert some of the movies i have. If any 1 knows where i can find these utils pls send me the urls

Why the hell do you want to do that ?. DiVX is just avi so any MPEG Encoder would work…only the quality will suck bigtime…

Yeah i know what ur saying its just that id rather watch the films on my TV rather than being stuck at my computer desk watching films.

Ï don´t understand 1 thing, if someone asks how to convert a DivX into MPEG, why the hell does everybody have to ask why they want to reduce the quality, i mean, i can´t watch a DivX movie fullscreen on my Celeron 333Mhz 64MB Ram, so i´d rather lose some quality and watch it in full screen

convert with Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.0

Thanx Frankboy it just so happens that i have Uleads prog.