Divx 2 DVD File Composing Issue



The movie I have is a two (2) partt, via P2P .
I converted the two (2) halves no problems but now I have two (2) VIDEO_TS folders, each with a couple of the required .VOB movie files.
The folders both contain files with the same name.
There are a couple of files repeated.
If I try to combine them by ‘paste’ or drag ‘n’ drop I get prompts requiring me to select to allow files to be overidden or not.
I am sure the answer is simple and YES I am new to this, but not IT illiterate.
I have tried changing file names and both denying and allowing the files to overwrite whilst combining the contents of the VIDEO_TS folders.
No DVD Burning software I have will burn any combination of the files.
*I can open each .VOB file and view each part of the movie.
Nothing seems to work.
Is there a “MAGIC” way of combining them or am I missing something fundamental in the process.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Lee :confused: p


When you first “converted” the two halves, could’nt you have put the 2 files together to get just 1 video_ts folder? If not then you should be able to open both video_ts folders with shrink. After you choose open files, point it to one of the folders, it will anylize it, then choose re-author and drag over the main movie to the left. Go back to full disc, then open the other folder, choose re-author and drag over the other main movie. I must admit I have not tried this with actual video_ts folders, but I did just try it with 2 different ISO’s I have on my harddrive, and inside them are video_ts folders, and I was avle to put 2 movies from 2 different ISO’s into shrink. Then when you have both movies on the left of shrink, click back up, and save to 1 video_ts folder or to an image. Hope this helps.



There are 2 things you can do.

  1. Join the 2 parts using Virtualdubmod - open file , append segment, save (using direct stream). Then just convert to DVD which is what pacmac advised.
  2. If you can’t do this then this might work.
    Rename the vob’s for part 2 to follow sequentially on from those of part 1 and then put into same video_ts directory.
    Get Ifoedit (freeware) and recreate the ifo & bup files. Run Ifoedit and select the “create ifo” option. Select the first vob of the set, check “same directory as source” & click OK. Processing will take a while.
    This should work although I haven’t tried to join 2 movies like this.
    Best of luck.