Dividezero's down?



Looks like my favorite site is down... Hope that it's just an update or something



DiViDeZeRo site DOWN!
Posted by ZiSE on Monday 08 May 2000

 We got a message from DiViDeZeRo that he shut down his site . 
 The reason for the shutdown was that it took up too much time and
 he got some heat from various anti-piracy organisations... 

 Too bad as it was an excellent site which offered the latest CD-R
 software. Let's see if he will ever make a come-back  

      I've quitted the scene... I was spending way too much
      time with this homepage of mine, and also got multiple
      messages from anti-piracy groups, therefore, I have
      decided to leave the scene (at least for a while...) I
      hope that you guys will post this message in the news,
      with an apology to my daily visitors... 


      DiViDeZeRo...  [img]http://www.cdfreaks.com/ubb/ubb/frown.gif[/img] 



Scorpion: as you can see by checking CDFreaks.com, the site is down for a while. i am hoping that maybe dividezero will come back with a different nickname and a different site. that would be good.


Thanx for the nfo guys… still hope it will come back online… maybe with the right support from the fans?