DiViDeZeRo is back!

I just posted the article DiViDeZeRo is back !!!.

We have the honour to introduce the new site of DiViDeZeRo. Our old friend that once had one of the best CD-R software pages, has done a lot of work to bring you the latest free downloads of Burning…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/931-DiViDeZeRo-is-back-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/931-DiViDeZeRo-is-back-.html)

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If http://www.cdrwarez.net isn’t available, try http://www.cdrwarez.com


Hoorray! Finally! Great site is back again! Welcome back, dear DIVIDEZERO! It’s been a long long time! Thanks to Cd Freaks for the wonderful news - Cd Freaks and Dividezero are two greatest sites on the Web!!!

Great to see this side back i realy missed it

it is wonderful to see you back!!!

Yeeees! Finally!

Keep on rocking man. BTW, what was your message board locked down?

My messageboard was shut down by ezboard, since it contained material they didn’t accept…


If anyone can offer me a working CGI server, then I might be able to set up a UBB… hint, hint…

Let The Games Begin !!!
Welcome Back DiViDeZeRo.

DivideZero was back and it didn’t last very long, did it ? Or is the place so busy I can’t get on it ??

I was able to acces the site before, now it gives me a blank page?

Site doens`t work! When I click the link and wait some minutes it gives “White blank window with text Cancel bla,bla”

For JVH!

Sites do work there must be some broblems with your own computer!

At 08.30 this morning DivideZero was also back for me…NICE!!!

Don’t fuck with Dividezero! Dividezero rewls!

Great to see you back I did miss your site.

Best Regards

Not for nothing, it takes alot of dedication to keep a site up for others. Not only do you have to deal with your real job and family issues but also have time to put up a site thats well respected and loved and keep it updated daily… Thats true dedication and for that I tip my hat to you DivideZero! Thanks for bringing a well respected site back into the CDR scene and hopefully within a few years into the DVDR scene…

If you want a free site with cgi, asp, mysql, perl etc, try www.f2s.com
Welcome back

I’m glad your back again.
goodluck and I’ll hope you stay for good now.
Why don’t you change your name
in DiViDeTen :wink:
beacause I’ll give your site a ten.

thx dividezero for your work :slight_smile: