DiViDeZeRo, gone forever



I just posted the article DiViDeZeRo, gone forever.

eljay, Shak, Phoenix and poacher used our newssubmit to tell us that DiViDeZeRo is leaving the scene. His site, that is well known to people who don’t want to pay for burning software, was taking too…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2112-DiViDeZeRo-gone-forever.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2112-DiViDeZeRo-gone-forever.html)

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I asume you mean DEcreased income of adds… :wink:


Oops, you got that right, fixed the text now :wink:


Shame to see you go DiViDe :c Thanks for all your work over the last couple of years. We appreciate it!


Yeah, a great site that I used many a time, thanx for your hard work.


You know why they don’t make money? All their adds are Porn, porn, porn!!! I can’t even go to cdrsoft in fear of my dad beatin’ the shit out of me when he sees the porn! If they would put up more appropriate ads, maybe more people will visit their sites!


sorry, I mean cdr-warez.


DiViDe’s site didn’t have ANY porn or pop-ups. It was THE BEST warez site before he quit.


Another problem with “voting” or clicking banners is that you can get caught in a loop and never get where you want to go. Also, some sites makes you click and vote before you can get in…then when you do, their links are all dead.:frowning: I’ll never vote unless I get in and am able to actually download something. THEN they get my vote!


Why are ppl always complaining about banners & porn? Hosting a warez sites COSTS money and you can’t use any “normal” sponsors coz they DON’T WANT to sponser a warez site (coz they also can get trouble) I’m also 99,99% sure that the ppl who complain about the banners & porn know SHIT about hosting warez sites. YOU want all the latest FULL versions with 100% working keys? Then BUY it and DON’T start complaining :r Anyway it was good to have you back for some time DiViDeZeRo :slight_smile: TnM


Goodbye to you Divide! Now that your quiting you warez site, mayB you’ve got some more time left to spend @ CDfreaks.com (+forum)!! :wink: Atleast, if the new thing that wanted to do doesn’t that that much time! :stuck_out_tongue: One thing is 4 sure, your always welcome here! :slight_smile:


Thanks DivideZer0 for a great site… Go take care of your personal stuff first man…


Listen, Burner-dumbass, there are many great warez sites that I know of that do not have porn banners and are porn free. One site with HUNDREDS of full games, appz, movies, everything, does not even have a single banner! They do not make money off of advertisements in any way! Now, if all warez sites could be like that, it would be paradise for a 13-year-old like me! You may like porn, but I just want the site to have good QUALITY, not PORN!


Yo DivideZero, You rocked dude!!! Thanks for the site! It was a lot of help. Shame to see you leave but I can imagine how much work it must have been and the bitchin on this site is a prime example of how ungrateful some idiots are. The key to Pop up add’s that aren’t annoying is to do one add that opens in a new window that doeesn’t open hundreds more. or to make the the advert on the page open a new window (hint hint cdfreaks) instead of staying in the same window.


Just to say THANKS!


it was a great site and will be missed by burners everywhere. Its A sad day for the scenes and now i see keygen studio has died as well


I know nothing about banners, I use Webwasher and haven’t been a banner for ages :7


Listen, DanDaMan?..I have no problem clicking banners and voting. Good sites deserve our support. Have you contributed anything to the site you rave about? I doubt it. They need to get revenue some where. All I ask is that they have something on their site worth clicking for. MOST of the sites out there aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell! Don’t expect my support if you don’t have anything worth supporting! Yes, it takes a lot of work to keep up a good site like Divide, and that site deserved support. Most of the rest, however, are shit! Also, every one is entitled to his/her own oppinion…even you. Only the very immature result to name calling.


For those of u who bitch about popups you need to grow up! Divide didnt have any on his site and he wouldnt either all he asked was you clicked his sponsors And now because you didnt this wonderful site is gone. DiViDeZeRo you will be missed. whitewolf359 cdrwarez moderator


I Agree with whitewolf… U PPL need 2 get a life and quit Crying all the time… I do agree that Porn is an anoyance on the internet, But hey when U can’t get any1 2 sponsor U!! what R U suposed 2 do??? I know it has been great working with DiViDe and B’ing on his team… I will miss him as well as the rest of the Forum members… the CDR-WAREZ forum is the best on the net and will continue 2 B… :smiley: Leech CDR-WAREZ Moderator