DivideZero and NukePirates



I see our friends over at NukePirates has DivideZero on thier shit list http://www.nukepirates.com/PIRATES.htm … Maybe this is why DivideZero hasn’t got any d/l’s?

Funny thing is they have C.O.R.E and F.O.S.I listed as well … lol now thats funny…

BTW does anyone have a current fosi url?? all the ones I have are now broke, damn those nukepirates…


ahhh nevermind, seems the fosi kickme.to still works


fosi working link:



The problem I CDRWarez hasn’t got as much downloads as before, is the fact that it keeps getting harder to keep all files online when more and more visitors come to download.

But…We’ve opened up our Software section again, and still have the very best releases available in the daily news. Just keep coming back and you’ll find out there is more to get than you can imagine…

[End of this commercial] :wink:



Ahhh I see you have gotten d/l’s now… :slight_smile: Keep up the good work bro…

But did you know you was listed on NukePirates?

See ya


Yep…and I’m proud of it :wink:


Ya keep it up dividezero,donr let 'em scare ya down…


Noooo Waaaaay!


Man those bastards are starting to get on alot of people’s nerves.
Divide’s site, along with a few other ones have been catching alot of hell for what they have.
I like to nuke the nukepirates.com site myself. I think alot of people agree with me when I say --sshhh, lets get it for free.
If dividezero’s goes can somebody else host it??


Thanx for your concern, but hosting my page is no problem at all. The only problem is where to host my files…


When will we ddos them?



Looks like sumthin’ got hold of Dividezero’s forum page anyway.
Check it out.



Looks ok to me…

But these guys at nukepirates.com are krazy…

They are nothing more than a narc for hire,a private dick
wich we all know what they can suck…

Screw 'em lame basterds


Killer, it’s the forum that’s down, not the warez main page.
Looks like the forum page is completely 404’d now.