Div x To DVD help?


I am a newbie to divx to dvd and I have succesfully converted several single avi files and burned them to dvd using nero without any problems.

However, I have downloaded a movie which has been split into 2 avi files, How do I link these 2 files together so I can convert the one file to dvd, or is there a way I can convert the 2 files seperately, then burn them together so the film is burned to 1 dvd rather than 2 seperate dvd’s?


select the first file, then go back and select the second file as well…divxtodvd will automatically join them and convert to one continuous movie.

is that using VSODivxtoDVD?


:slight_smile: nice one, i didn`t know it did that.


no prob ako… :smiley:

it’s the main program i use to convert avi, mov, wmv, etc etc to DVD compliant format. easy, simple, comprehensive and i see no point in reencoding low bitrate compressed video files with the long processes involved with NVE, DVDLab, TMPGenc, DVDRebuilder, etc.

Neros DVD creator also has some nice features to create menus for each clip, if it is required. Worth spending some time playing with the settings IMO :slight_smile: