Ditched the chaintech Got me a Gigabyte GA7-NNXP and WOW :)



just took a chaintech 7njs ultra400 nforce 2 back to the shop.
got a refund and ordered a Gigabyte GA=7NNXP and let me tell you guys it rocks.

persionaly. its ROCK SOLID STABLE.

im running my 2200+ at 9.5x200fsb.


let me tell you thats some feat considering its a rev A 2200+.

i sent the chaintech back becuse it was useless.

1: Bug ridden Bios *(weird letters after saveing to cmos,)
2: No SoundStorm/// Useing some useless Cmeda crap.
3: only 2 ide ports…
4: Only 4 Usb Ports
No 4mb bios romflash chip <my persional prefrence thx to a few people over at AMDMB.com the bigger the Rom size the Better the Motherboard bios.

now here are the Pro`s of the GA7=NNXP

1: No bugy Bios at all inclu. It uses 4meg flashrom
also has Gigabytes Duel patent Bios
2: Has NVIDIA SoundStorm Intergrated
3: Has 2 standard Ide ports includeing 2 more IDE ports you can run Raid or ATA through them :slight_smile:
4: Has 6 Usb Ports

thats a extra 4 hardware devices that you can add.
also has SATA there is more hardware you can add.

  • has some funky Blue Phaze DPS (duel power Supply)
    lights up all blue when powered on :slight_smile:
    gives you a total of 6 phaze power circuit through your motherboard. for more stable under overclock or for more stress powered cpu`s in the future…

well thats it guys this is the best Nforce 2 motherboard i have ever used. its packed with rich features…

dont get me wrong the chaintech board come with a funky Cbox3
but i would take this board anyday over a chaintech board.

rant overwith :slight_smile:


I have to agree :bigsmile: :wink:

The GA-7NNXP mainboard is a great board

(extremely biased, because I own one):stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the Gigabyte club :slight_smile:


Sweet I’m in (GA-SINXP1394)