Ditched the Burned Out Asus A7v8x ? got me a Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Nforce2 Motherboard



i just wanna know what you guys think of the board.

to me it seems like a very good board with great Overclocking Features and a shit load a goodies that come with it.
its wayyyyyyyyy better than my burned out asus a7v8x and also the a7n8x

had to get me a new one becuse my asus a7v8x died becuse of the cooler i put on my grafix card lol dam thermaltake giant 2 no wonder they call it a giant.

it fryed the board beucse the heatsink was tuching the northbridge heatsink aswell as a few other components.

not i get this board home and the dam giant wouldnt even fit it in lol but its no biggy as i would rather have a fast mother board than another dead one anyday.

took the cooler off my ati9700 pro placed the original one back and stuck on a zalman fan 92mm with bracket over the grafix card to cool it more.

let me tell you this this mobo is the monster i have been waiting for. :bow: :bow: :bow:


I am biased as I have always preferred ASUS motherbaords. for 50bux more you really get your money’s worth.


Originally posted by xtacydima
I am biased as I have always preferred ASUS motherbaords. for 50bux more you really get your money’s worth.

I’m quite biased the other way, but hey. A few years ago Chaintech was a real budget brand - not quite as bad as PCChips, but pretty obscure. Around the time the GeForce 4 debuted they started taking a bit more pride in their crafts, they made some pretty flashy VGA cards that were all golden and shiny…I believe in most reviews Chaintech ends up in the middle, not the fastest but very stable and usable, as for overclocking features I don’t think they are particularly known for them the way Abit, Asus, ECS and Gigabyte are, but as long as it’s got FSB controls and memory timings it’s all good. Glad to know there’s another good board maker out there, frankly I’ll stick to Gigabyte for now though, I just love every board I’ve owned from them.


well guys i thought asus where the best but not now.

this thing has all the nice stuff in the bios includeing locked agp and pci slots so when you overclock you dont overclock your slots in the prosess.

if there was a board that i would reccomend then this is the baby …

Just check out the reviews about it. ITS A MONSTER.

and it KILLS all Asus boards. i know what your thinking but i read this statment in a known review and it beat it hands down. that was the nforce2 a7n8x rev 2.0 del


I got the idea from your first post that YOU were the one that killed the ASUS board.