Disturbing scan results

I just picked up a Liteon 166s for cheap for general installs. I also wanted to use it for scanning DVD quality seeing my current nec 2510a won’t do quality scans.

Anyhow I have viewed some past DVD’s I have burned with both my old liteon 811s (previous computer) and my nec 2510a (current system) and all the scans are HI! PI >1000 and PIE >120 using DVDinfopro and Kprobe2. (am at work can’t post scans at the moment)

This is on MCC03 media. scanned at 4x

Could this be the 166s not reporting correctly or could this be “fake” mcc03 media?

I can play all my backup’s and never got any errors when reading the disks but this is a bit disturbing.

any thoughts?

DVD-ROM in general doesn’t give accurate PI/PIF’s, use a dvd writer to test your dvds again

I will be getting my BenQ 1620 this week and then I can go over them again.