Disturbing noises in my onboard sound

Since some time I have a new system with a MSI K8T NEO FIS2R mainboard. This mainboard has an onboard sound module that is adressed through the wellknown AC97 codec. Anyhow… the sound it produces is great, it has lots of functionality etc etc… there’s just one thing: there’s always some kind of irritating background noise in the sound. It sounds like back in the old days, when CD drives still caused these kind of disturbances on the sound card.; it’s like I can hear the engines of my harddrives running through the sound card… The sound isn’t that loud, but when using headphones it annoys me quite fast.

Any thoughts on how to solve this (without putting in an addiional sound card)?

you can try to re-install all sound codecs and drivers.
I had some weird noises with ac3 codecs, it seemed to conflict with other codecs.


I just tried the latest revision of the drivers but it doesn’t yield me any better performance.

It seems to me like it’s a problem on the analog side of the sound card. Why? Because I recorded some audio through the SPDIF out of my mainboard to my minidisc and the noise isn’t in any of those recordings…
If I am right, what could I possibly do about that?

In my experience, onboard sound generally seems to suck for me. Here is the thread describing my problems with onboard sound. I had the VIA onboard my old gigabyte mobo and the only way to fix the problem was to buy a new soundcard.

You’ve turned off all inputs you don’t need? Line-in, Mic, CD etc?