Disturbing, no working copy of fifa2002

I’m the proud owner of the Plextor 24x10x40x
But I was unable to make a succesful copy of Fifa 2002.

I used firmware version 1.02 so I figure that can’t be the problem.

When trying to run the game after install, the game sais ‘Please eject and re-insert the cd the CD-ROM, select OK and restart application’.

Not the typical safedisc 2 temp error, and not exactly the original safedisc 1 error either, which stated ‘Pleae insert the correct CD-ROM’

So what’s going on? Anyone else with this problem?
If not what settings did you use?
I used CloneCD
settings: Read Subdata channel
from data tracks

and fast error skip.

I had the same problem with ‘Stronghold’ just now.

What did you read the program with, as you don’t mention anything else was it with the plextor??

Just make an image with clone CD, enabel fast errror skip, then use the program BetaBlocker. when you done this Burn the Image, with clone cd, on a cd. I did it, it worked fine.

Good luck Judy

yes, of course I read it with the plextor.

And thanks Judy25476, I’ll try beta blocker.

Too bad though that CloneCD alone can’t do the job anymore.

I tried betablocker, but that didn’t help either.

I really can’t figure it out, I have had no trouble at all with other safedisc 2 protected games.

I guess I’ll have to use a crack. What a sad day

Maybe FIFA 2002 also has the ATIP protection (read more on that here) so you won’t be able to play it from a CD-RW!

Well the error message changes when I try it in another drive :slight_smile:
‘Please insert FIFA 2002 CD’

So that’s not it either :frowning:

I just installed it, used UnSafeDisc V2.40.10 to make a crack for it. Then copy everything to a new “disc” using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5, added the crack, burned it, and voila, it worx.

I didn’t use Betablocker or any other progs (I also DIDN’T use CloneCD!!!)
ps. I used the Dutch version (European)

FIFA 2002 is SafeDisc2. If the Plex-made backup doesn’t work in a CD or DVD-ROM then the backup is a bad write - which is not uncommon. The main cause of failure in an EFM regular bit pattern capable writer is too many retries in the Fast Error Skip settings and/or a Software setting. No subs are required for SD2.

For the Plex, LiteOn & Toshibas the FES is Hardware & “zero” retries, otherwise the device will find errors that just aren’t there. In the latest & last version of Clone, it can detect & ‘remember’ the correct FES settings AFTER the first try. A second read, ensuring Hardware & zero retries, is invariably successful.

If you own a PX-W2410A & are resorting to patches, cracks or blockers then you are not really helping yourself at all. If you are stuck, there’s nothing like posting a read or write log in the CloneCD Forum on the ezboard, to get swamped with technical advice.

Indeed using a crack is a suboptimal solution, and that’s why I really don’t want to use that.
Unsafedisc is the same thing to me.

I believe I used 0 retries for the error skip, but I’ll try posting logs on the EZboard and burning without the subs(but I can’t imagine why the last option would make must difference), I hope that helps.

Thanx for you’re advice.
If I find the solutions, I’ll let you guys know.

I have a LG GCE 8160B which burns Safe Disk 2 protected games, but not so with fifa 2002 I am having the exact same problems as djewst. I have also tried using hardware error corection instead of software but it was no good either…

any ideas?

YAY! I found th2 problem… It seems it is protected with atip, so you think oh okay no problem I’ll just read it with my Cd Reader… only to find out that dosn’t work either. The problem is that if you install the game with your writer the game copies into the registery the cd drive used to install the game say D: . So if you try to use a CD reader on say E: the game says nope please insert the disk. I solved this by editing the register to point to my Cd reader and it worked nicely : )

I worked it out by using the orginal cd in the reader and it still came up with the same error as if it was with the copied CD.

I hope I have been helpful

cya : )

Originally posted by DXLR8
I hope I have been helpful
You have! Very nice info indeed… I’ll jeep it in mind :slight_smile: Thanks m8!

Yeah, that solved the problem.
I installed it from my scsi cdrom reader and now it worked perfectly.
Thanks a lot DXLR8!!

I added this info to the CD Freaks frontpage :smiley:

djewst > What is the TLA of your Plextor?

My plextor 24/10/40 is a TLA 0101 and i’m not sure i will be able to burn FIFA 2002 too.

I have TLA 0000
luckily :slight_smile:

Ok, so it won’t help me… :frowning:

Thanx all the same djewst.

Did anybody successfully burn FIFA 2002 with a plex 24/10/40 TLA 0101?

I definitely want to know if TLA #0101 is really a bad one.

Why don’t you try burning it on a rewritable.
If it doesn’t work, just use the disc for something else.

There’s no difference between the Plextor PX-W2410A TLA#'s… They’re almost identical and both will handle SafeDisc 2.

Quote from the mainpage:

I’ve contacted Plextor about the Cactus Shield copy problems. Plextor said they are investigating the problems with this new audio CD protection. One of the problems with investigating this is that it’s hard to get these CD’s. The difference between the TLA’s of the Plextor 24/10/40 are according to Plextor very small, there is no difference used in the components of both TLA’s. They also want to make clear that there will be no build-in system to prevent consumers from backing up their CD’s.