Disturbed (Plextor)

I am sadly disturbed by the direction Plextor has taken :a and am trying to find a grade A replacement for my 716A witch I loved dearly - until today when I came to find I could not backup a ps2 iso nor could I burn any DVD whatsoever. -Calibration error.-

Time for a new burner

I am thinking about buying a refurbished 716 from tiger direct – very expensive for a refurbished drive.

The 760 is a “no sheep burner”

Pioneer 112 looks good but I love Plextor so much (Quality)

And the New 780 -is it a re-bag POS- or a descent Plextor

Pioneer 112 ?
Refurbished 716 ?
Take a Chance on a 780 ?

Any subjections would be nice I don’t know half as much about this sh** as most of you but I do know that I would like a comparable drive to the 716 Speed is not the first thing on my list but AAA quality burns and ability to scan anything is a must.

I’ve been thinking about that same 716 from Tiger and ,like you, feel it’s a bit pricey for a discontinued [B]and[/B] refurbished drive.
I wish I knew more about how Plextor refurbs their drives.? (anyone?)
With only a 90 day warranty I’d hate to get a drive that already has substantial hrs on the lasers and then fails in 6 months or less.

I bought a Plextor 712A refurb from Tiger and it’s great!! I admit I was a bit skeptical, but I’m very glad I bought one. TLA # 0000, April 2004 build. It seems like a brand new drive to me. It came with the region code unset and didn’t have any signs of being used.

I bought a brand new 716A about 6 months ago as a backup when I read that the 716A was being put to pasture.

It’s still in the box and is my spare for when my current 716A bites the dust…

After that,
who knows…
I’ll worry about that a few yrs from now…