Distroyed hard drive


ive just purchased a new motherboard gigabyte ga-81pe1000-g

i keep having problems with the sata harddrive maxtor diamond max9
series it is recognised in the bios and loads ok then half way thru it keeps
crashing and xp wont read anything on the disk and it disappears from my computer.
i changed from the gigabyte ga-7vaxp ultra board because this was causing the same problem it distroyed one sata drive so i changed to p4 system but seem to be having the same problem begin again.
the speck of the machine is p4 2.8 prescot chip gigabyte m/b ga-81pe1000-g one gig of mem running in dual mode two maxtor 120 ide drives plus 160 gig sata drive running windows xp-pro

hope someone can help

cheers Tarkas

Run the Maxtor diagnostics on the drive.