Distributive MPEG2 encoding - The Big foot of encoding software

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Not unlike the obsessive sasquatch hunters you see on the SciFi channel I am in search of what could be the myth of all encoding software. As some of you DVD authoring folks know encoding mpeg2 from a DV source to a mastering quality can be very time consuming. I have seen many university projects online that discuss and have succeeded in creating distributive MPEG encoding application. Firstly, what is this DME? Simple, on paper that is, you take one master PC which hands out parts of the file to be encoded to “X” number of slave PC’s via ethernet which will encode the file and hand them back to the master PC. The master PC slaps them together and you have an encoded file in a fraction of the time. Some of these university projects claim to have this technology but are running them on solaris and other platforms that are just not “business freindly”. A Windows version would be the best but even a linux version would do the trick.

Now that I have shown you a blurry photo of the beast lumbering through some trailer park get your torches and sawed off shotguns and start a hunting! :wink:

Before you reply to this I know that there are MPEG4 DME packages out there that do not support MPEG2.



Why that is a great question! Can anyone help this poor soul? =]

I suggest you use DVD ReBuilder and use RB Farm with it. Check out http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=74801

Hey alright! Thanks!

yeah…dvdrebuilder rocks with cce

could you please give us some info when you tried the farm

I’ve got 5 systems ready to encode. I’ll let you all know.


DVDRebuilder and Farm are transcoding software. No different than DVDShrink but with multiple PC spanning. I need an MPEG2 encoder for perparing media for authoring. Encoding DV or AVI or whatver to MPEG2 over multiple PCs

Farm looks cool though




nope, if you use dvdrebuilder with cce or queenc…it will encode for you.
CCE is one of the best encoders around