Distribution of rpm including serial number

We’ve got a license for Nero for Windows XP. If I install the nerolinux- under Fedora, when I run “nero” it asks for my serial number. I enter the serial number and everything is cool.

We’ve got about 300 Linux clients. We maintain packages on these clients by using yum pointing to our “yum” server. We also use kickstart to install new clients. Both kickstart and yum use rpm to install packages.

I’d like to include nerolinux, but I don’t want our users or system admins to have to type in the serial number on 300 computers. Is there a way to fold the serial number into the rpm, or include it automatically in a post installation script that would update the appropriate files?

You can create a ‘nerorc’ file int the /etc/nero directory. After that, just fill it like this:


This file will be parsed everytime NeroLINUX starts, as so all the users will have the serial number already included.

Works like a charm. Thanks.