Distributed.net release's Athlon optimized RC5 clients

2.8008.459 new: x86: new rc5 K7 core thanks toSean Stanek <vulture@iastate.edu>

new: all: the “update frequently (-frequent)” has been superceded
by “additional buffer-level checking”. The new option
provides better control and supports one new mode

“update on per-project buffer exhaustion” which enables
old-style single-contest crunching (disables rotation).
See also: http://www.distributed.net/faq/cache/176.html

new: all: out-buffer thresholds have been removed entirely;
use the “additional buffer-level checking” to support
updating/flushing more frequently than buffer exhaustion.

        chg: all: time threshold uses fetch work threshold &gt; 0 as minimum
             number of workunits to be fetched.

new: all: -btime <pn> <n> complements time-driven threshold

        chg: all: -b[in] &lt;pn&gt; &lt;n&gt; now clears time threshold for &lt;pn&gt;.

new: all: exit flagfile filename is now configurable.

        chg: macos: now supports all variants of System 7

        fix: Linux: dynamic import of dns resolution functions for better
             glibc/libc cross compatibility (one shoe fits all again).

        fix: winnt: pause on process handling optimized and rewritten.

        chg: all: checkpointing now done at 10% or 10 minute intervals,
             instead of 10% with 10 minute minimum.

        fix: all: project switchover no longer 'hangs'.

        fix: all: OGR nodecount network packet ordering fixed.

        fix: all: reported OGR noderate is no longer unacceptably high.

        fix: all: partially complete OGR stubs are now loaded first. 

        fix: all: will now flush to a proxy/server that is empty.

        fix: all: setting clock back during network ops could hang.

        fix: all: block counts during fetching do not fluctuate anymore.

        fix: FreeBsd: timezone use for automatic keyserver pick works.

        chg: many: file system locking on buffers where supported.

Set your “Core selection” to automatic to
get this new core to work with your Ahlon !


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