Distortion driving me crazy

I have never tried to transfer cassette tracks to CD until now.

I have connected my tape deck (YAMAHA KX-393) line out using a phono cable with a phono to 3.5 mm stereo jack adapter into the microphone socket of my HP laptop.

Using Audacity, I can record a signal but it is very, very distorted. Recording volume signal keeps going way off the scale.

Nothing I do seems to bring the volume level down. The cassette is fine as I can listen to it via headphone socket on deck.

Like everyone else, I have recordings I want to keep.

Anyone any suggestions?:confused:

Look forward to any advice

i also had the same problem myself but i was just recording sound from a audio recording the PC was playing back but it had the same issues as your describing and i also could never fix it.

the solution?.. i said the hell with it. lol (sorry, i know that’s not what you wanted to hear :wink: )

but if i recall correctly… Nero’s audio recording program (i forgot what it’s called but it comes with Nero) seemed to work for stuff like your doing the last i checked but i aint used it in a while myself but i did record some audio tapes to my PC using the headphones jack on stereo and then pluged into the PC’s input etc with standard headphone jack and it seemed to work OK (not great sound quality but then again i figure anything from a tape back to digital wont be the best quality on regular average joe equipment)

maybe someone else knows how to get audacity working properly? (because i also was playing around with alot of different settings on my audio stuff and audacity still seemed to BLAST the sound so high that it was distorted even when lowing output levels etc etc)

The microphone socket expects a much weaker signal than what your cassette deck is sending and that’s why the sound is distorted.

You should use a “Line In” socket instead, which is meant for the type and strength of signal your cassette deck has.

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earlier cables ment for connecting line out to microphone inputs were available.
it consists of a 100K ohms resistor in series with a 10 ohms connected parellel to output side .
the low ohms side connected to mic input terminal. than the distortion will not occur.