Distorted sound playing dvd?

Hi everyone.

Well, I think I have another problem.
When I go to play a dvd on my NEC 3520, the sound and the video are really choppy and distorted.
I have no problems ripping music or dvds onto the computer.
I have no problems burning music or dvds onto disks.
I’ve tried both Nero and Windows Media Player and both give me the same thing, bad play back.
Any tweaks anyone can suggest?


are you plugging the drive directly into your sound card? Because that’s what I did and I have the same issue. I’m thinking of unplugging it from the sound card, you’ll still get sound via the IDE cable.

if that wouldnt help then use a program that is intended for dvd playback,windvd

I was having a similar problem… are talking burnt discs, or any discs, and tell about your pc details.

The burner is plugged into the IDE cable.
It’s any disc I try so far, back up or original.

What PC details would you need?

Do you have onboard sound, and a pci sound card as well? If so, you need to disable the onboard sound in bios. Also, can you play a media file (downloaded to hd) in windows media player. Does that sound ok or not.

PCI sound card.

I can listen to music on the HD no problem.
It’s just the dvd giving me fits.
Not that I watch DVDs on the pc but still.
I’d like to know that everything is working ok.

Maybe you just need to update your audio driver. Just to be safe you should check for bios update and chipset driver updates, and if they are available, install them.

Hmm… you think that’s it? I didn’t bother with any updates as this computer is only 3 months old. I just bought it late April.

updates could be it. When you buy a computer even 3 months ago, the drivers they usually give you could be a couple of years old. You never know.