Dissappering megs



Hey folks…hope someone can maybe see what I’m doing here and lead me back to the way of the sane! lol…

I’ve been burning ISO DVD images, having the program take the image to a single folder that has nothing else in it, then burning and trashing the image afterwards. Of course, it’s so large that XP Pro asks if I want to delete right away, since it’s too big for the recycle bin, and that’s also done.

But what’s happening is with each DVD I run, it takes that much away from the hard drive, like there’s a ghost image, or backup, sitting somewheres…

Trouble is, I can’t find it anywhere…thought it might be something with either Norton or Roxio making a temp copy somewhere that’s waiting to be deleted, but searches are turning up nothing…you’d think it should be easy to find, then backpedal to see what that program was doing to create it, since it “should” be huge files, 4.7 gig, of course…and of course, it’s driving me nuts, since my hard drive seems to be disapperaing…lol

any thoughts would be appreciated…



…think i found the problem…Dang Norton Protected trash was holding all of it…

Live n Learn!


1)Check to see if “Norton Protected Files” is enabled.
-Right click on the recycle bin, select properties, and choose the “Norton Protection” tab.

  1. have you set your exlporer folder options to show system/hidden files?

  2. Try the disk cleanup tool, to clear all but the most recent “System Restore points” (for WinXP, not sure about Win2k)
    -Open windows explorer, right click the drive letter you want to clean, select properties.
    -Then click “Disk Cleanup tool.”
    -Select the “More Options” tab, and click the “Clean Up” button under “system restore” (should be 3rd one down)

Good Luck!

edit: lol, guess I didnt need to post :slight_smile: