Dissapointing scans 1213S and MCC02RG20



I’ve never had a problem with DVDs skipping or not playing until I got a spindle of verbatim discs. Media id is MCC 02, they’re DVD-R’s.

I played a few discs and all pause or stutter many times, some almost every 10 seconds.

My computer setup is:
AMD 64-bit 3000+
1 Gig OCZ PC3200
Liteon 1213S burner

The discs burn at 8x but like I said do not play back well.
I would go back to the TY02s that i’ve had no problems with burning at 12x, but i have a full spindle of these MCCs and I’ve heard they’re supposed to be great discs.

This was the exact spindle http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?j=1&id=1095940787606&skuId=6887096&type=product - of course i didn’t pay that much :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Maybe you could try upgrading your firmware. TS05 is very old in firmware time. Try TS0D or if you are prepared to give up your warranty, try the crossflashed 1633S firmware BS41, on our site (see my signature). :wink:


I also have many probs with this disk. Many disk failed lead out and the other very bad.

This scan with 1213@1653 cs07 8x speed
(sorry for my bad english, i’m italian)



cs07 rec 12x kprobe scan (rec 8x same results)


rec with BS41 8x kprobe scan


Rec with BS0K 8x no lead out - kprobe scan


CS07 rec 12x Nero quality test (8x rec = same results)


Similar bad result also with Ritek 05 -R.

With DVD+R disk (ritek ricoh) always very goog results (pi < 100 pif < 5)
and never failed a burn.

I think: buy only + disk and forget - .

I have also a Benq 822a DVDRW and result as comparable (bad).

I have to buy a minus alliance DRDRW like Pioneer, to decently burn a DVD-R?

MMMM. dual standard? Dual problems!!!




if you have of the suggestions I will be happy, I have still 20 mcc02r20 to test.

:bow: :slight_smile:



You have been busy ;). BYX2 would be the only other possiblity. You’ll need to use OmniPatcher to enable crossflashing. Don’t try burning it above 8x and make sure you use the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread] reset learn feature, each time you have change the firmware to a different model.

I have some of this media myself. It’s pretty bad media. Even my NEC 3500A struggles to keep the PIF count down.


Mcc02RG20 x8 sony BYX2 (no lead out).

Sony firmare are no good for my 1213s. Poor result also to other +R and +RW media.

I always reset learnt media when change model and backup any combination firmware+eprom.

Best combination for my 1213s and used media is 1633s-BSOK.

I’using many RITEK/R02/01 [4x] -> YUDEN000/T02/00 strategy
overspeed at 8x with excellent results (pi max <70 pif max <3 pif total 473).
and never had a problem.



MCC02RG20 bad media? Weird… works on my 832S @ 8X, quite well.


I know. I bought some because of results I had seen on the forum, but the batch of Verbatim’s I got recently (25 spindle, made in Taiwan), are not very good in any of the drives I have. :frowning:


I have buy 50 MCC02RG20 and 75 Ritkg05 printables DVD-R
thinking that they were optimal, but instead they are trash.

MCC are or not the best dvd-r?
Or MCC are trash?

This confusion does not help the consumers,
if one dvd are branded MCC i think this a good disk no a trash disk.

Same for RTK G05. (RTK is a primary dvdr manufacturer)

I’have try burn this disk with a pioneer 106d, very bad results :
pi>600<1000 and good pif <10.
This disks are bad bad bad. And i waste many many time and some money.

Customer satisfaction? 0
I’will buy more MCC o RTK minus? NO!

Why to put in the market these bad discs?

(Sorry for my very bad english)



Those are very bad scans, are you sure these are not fakes? MCC, MCC are generally very good, and RiTEK G05 should be alot better than that.

If other brands of discs work ok, I would return these discs explaining that they are very poor quality, or even fake.

Ben :slight_smile: